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Sunday 1 February 2015

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Superfast North Yorkshire drives high demand for fibre

As Openreach engineers near the completion of the first phase of the Superfast North Yorkshire roll-out, they've so far laid more than 10,000 kilometres of underground optical fibres, built 670 new fibre cabinets and clocked up an estimated half a million man hours of work. But as the UK’s largest and most rural county, the project was not without its challenges ... View story »

BDUK roundup: Getting 2015 off to a superfast start

Our regional marketing teams are hard at work with local authorities up and down the country to promote the business benefits of fibre broadband within their communities. Find out what’s been happening – and what’s on the horizon – in key areas, including Wales, Scotland, Cheshire and Durham... View story »


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21 October 2014

Positive potential for ‘ultrafast’ copper broadband

Just when we thought we’d pushed copper as far as it could go, we’re excited to unveil the results of new field trials. Until now, it was thought that getting ‘ultrafast’ broadband speeds needed a dedicated business line or a fibre connection all the way from the exchange.

19 August 2014

Fibre island projects making waves

As the superfast fibre broadband rollout heads into the home straight, we’re moving into new territory – in every sense. It was always going to be the case that connecting rural and difficult to reach communities to the fibre network would be the most challenging aspect of the roll-out.

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